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Beyond Blonde will not be playing out in 2020 due to COVID unless things drastically improve. 

We appreciate your understanding. 

Stay safe everyone!


We are an original roots rock band playing our originals and covers.

Visit our gig page for upcoming shows.

BEYOND BLONDE LIVE…. is the best way to see the band and we’re back!

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WomeWhoRock -Lisa

Lisa – lead vocals / guitar



Gary – guitar / vocals


Mike – bass/ vocals



Mick – drums / vocals


  • 10/5/18 Gig. “Loved the show. You have a fantastic voice.”

    Paul Kaczmarczyk

  • Famous Last Words CD – Testimonials

    Terry Balentine – brand new classic rock! Love this cd! You just don’t get this kind of sound from the new rock bands. i knew from the first song this was going to be a winner, great guitar work, solid bass line, edgy vocals, more than just fluff on top of the music like most girl bands or in this case mostly girl band. hope they tour the southwest sometime so i can see um live! Diane Cotting – I loved this CD. These blondes can really rock!  I’ve heard Beyond Blonde live before and enjoyed every minute. I haven’t heard rock and roll like that in years. But The CD is just great too. I played it at my office the other day and everyone was dancing. Ok, so maybe that wasn’t such a good idea because it was hard to get “back to business.” Rocky Hollis – There damn good. Hope I see them live I would very much like to see them playing live if they are close enough. My wife really likes them, so from the both of us, ROCK ON Richard Pacheco – Some Sexy Packaging for Some Kick Ass Rock and Roll!! Richard Pacheco – Some Sexy Packaging for Some Kick Ass Rock and Roll!!  “They’re smart, sassy, three blondes and a very lucky man. Some sexy packaging for some kick ass rock and roll. They are a great sounding band who knows how to rock and flaunts it. You’ve got to see them to really appreciate them. There is nothing like Beyond Blonde live. Their songs range from knock down drag out hot to sultry and soulful. “Take a Picture” is hot and roaring. “Somewhere Down the Line” is soulful and haunting.”

    Purple Rose CD – Testimonials

    Shelly – I can not stop listening to your Purple Rose CD. I love it!!!! Lisa – There are songs for every mood! Great music, incredible voice xoxox Debbie – Received my CD Purple Rose in the mail, finally able to listen to it. I love it… Favorite songs, Things Might Change, Southern Girl, Time and Purple Rose….. Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 3.28.01 PM Click on the icon to visit cdbaby and search beyond blonde to download our music today!

    Comments about our CD’s

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