Where have they been?

So in 2015, I, Lisa Markovich decided to end Beyond Blonde. Boy did I get kick back from you, our fans. Sorry 😦

Wasn’t sure if it was for good or if I just needed some time off. The rest of the band still kept playing out and working with different bands.  Me, I agonized over what to do with myself.  I was tired.  Sad because I wasn’t feeling the muse since my good friend Donna (our original drummer) passed away. I was also tired of the BS of the music business.  I felt lost.  I felt numb.  Sometimes we all just need to sit back and reflect. Try new things. See what works and what doesn’t.

Sometimes it takes a huge 10th wedding anniversary (mine and Mike’s anniversary) party to get you going again along with a swift kick from guitarist Gary Ross.  So here I am and here we are!  Did you miss us?

I got lots of emails before taking down or original Beyond Blonde website from people asking if we’d ever come back out. Expressively sharing their disappointment about the band not playing out anymore and emotional emails from fans saying how much our music helped them during a tough time. That hit a chord I tell you. That’s like the ultimate compliment for sure. To help someone. So, you asked and yes, we are coming back.

So what started as a “hey, if I book an acoustic gig” question from Gary Ross, with a “yes” reply from me; became a “hey (from me to Kaz – bassist)…wanna do an acoustic gig with me and Gary?” to “hey, I wanna play” from drummer Mick Coste to a full blown out BB Returns show! WHAT!!!

I have to say I am wicked excited. Going over some of our older tunes and thinking how much fun it’s going to be has my blood pumping with energy. There’s no pressure. Will we do more shows? Who knows. I’m doing this for different reasons now and letting what may come, come my way!

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