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After her set we talked a bit and I told her what I was doing musically.  I think she thought I was a bit crazy at first because I excitedly rushed her like a quarter back trying to hand her my demo tape.  Yes, I said “tape”.  Cassette to be exact.

She liked my stuff so we got together and went back to the jam the following week and met Joyce Sampson who had recently moved to the area.  She was a bass player and a kick ass one at that.

To make a long story short we played and worked hard together for about a year.  We played a lot!!!  We were called “the girls” for a time.  Didn’t really have a good band name so it stuck.

I wanted more.  A lead guitarist.  I put an ad out to the music world advertising for a lead guitarist that could sing.  Went through quite a few auditions and then we heard William “Suekey” Sukeforth.  OMG!!! He blew us all away and added lead to our work in progress song, Take A Picture, which is now one of our greatest tunes!

At that point we needed a good band name.  Beyond Blonde was born.

We did a lot of cool gigs.  Joyce had some great connections that got us gigs sharing the stage with musicians like Joey Mulland, John Butcher Axis, James Montgomery, Steven Paul Perry, Steven Tyler, Joey Kramer, Tom Hamilton, Charlie Farren, David Hull, Joe Pet and more.  It was an incredible ride.

We did a few tours here and there.  Cut a couple CD’s and then in 2005, Joyce decided to leave the band.  We had music direction differences but we moved on.  5 or 6 bass players later we landed our permanent bassist, Mike Kaczmarczyk “Kaz” who’s been with us since 2007.  That year proved to be bad and good.  Donna had gotten into a car accident and almost bit her tongue off.  A week later we opened for Joan Jett and she did the gig and sang!  What a trooper.  Later we found out she had terminal cancer. 

Eventually, Donna was no longer able to do the gigs.  She wanted us to keep going so we had auditions and finally found drummer, Mick Coste.  Myself, Suekey, Kaz and Mick continued on until about 2012.   Gary Ross took over as guitarist for Suekey in 2013 and we continued as a band until 2015 cutting two more CD’s.  Both won album of the year through Motif Magazine and we also won Band of Year. 

Donna passed away in 2013.  It was an incredibly tough time.  I was not having fun with the music.  I missed Donna and the original band feel we had back in the day and while I was working with some amazing musicians, my heart just wasn’t in it.  I needed a break.  Four years to be exact.

In 2018, I celebrated 10 years married to an amazing man, my husband Michael.  Gary’s band had played at our wedding in 2008 so we asked them to play again at the party.  Thanks to Gary and the continued push from family, friends and fans, I worked hard to get my voice back in shape for the party and had the time of my life.  I felt the beginnings of the musical spark returning and got excited.

Gary asked if I’d do an acoustic gig.  Something small to start.  We asked Kaz to join us on bass and Mick got wind and wanted in.  Suekey heard about it and wanted it.  Wow!  

It turned out to be the most incredible gig ever.  The place was jammed past capacity, leaving the club name out to protect the innocent, with people that use to come and see us play all the time.  I was 20 feet off the ground all night, literally, I was on the bar!  Well, not all night.  

We have decided to do 6 – 8 gigs a year.  We hope you can catch us out sometime.  It’s truly an experience to see us live!

The moral is that sometimes when you take a long needed break from something you love and let it go, if it comes back to you, it’s meant to be.

Peace Harmony and Song are in my heart forever.  I now truly believe it and feel it!